Hi, I'm Rob Finkelstein!

If you have, or are looking to start, a food photography business, you should have a full understanding of contracts, how they work, and how to negotiate them.

I am a lawyer, pastry chef, food photographer and blogger. You can check out my blog and social media @cinnamonshtick.

I have been practicing law for more than 20 years and have my own law firm in New York City. In 2017, while running my law firm, I attended culinary school for pastry arts. I then started my blog, Cinnamon Shtick, where I share recipes for desserts, pastries and breads.

Since starting my blog, I have negotiated and drafted many contracts for recipe development, photographs and video, both for my own brand and for other food photographers. I also represent numerous food photographers in a diverse range of issues, including business formation, trademarks, copyright and website protection.

Recent speaking engagements include:

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Candice Ward

Rob takes an intimidating aspect of running a business when it comes to contracts and not only simplifies it, but teaches you how to understand the language so that you are empowered to negotiate any situation with contract terms to ensure that you and your business are fully protected!

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The Food Photography Corner

What Rob is offering is something truly remarkable. He's blended his passions, expertise, education, and knowledge into a unique and valuable service. The food photography industry as a whole and individual creatives NEED to know their rights and protects themselves and their art through proper contracts, and he's perfect for the job. With the experience as a lawyer and bing a food photographer, he will show you how to advocate for yourself and provide incredible education unlike any other lawyer is actually capable of. His fusion into both "worlds", so to speak, is what sets him apart from the rest! Plus he somehow makes boring contract - fun! 10/10 recommend!

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Maria Weir

Rob was extremely helpful when I needed legal advice and a contract. He was always easy to communicate with and did a great job of explaining the various terms and aspects of the contract. Not only was the contract that he created specific to my needs as a photographer and small business owner, but he also set it up so that I was able to tweak and customize the agreement for different clients and projects.